I [23,F] filed for divorce from my husband [24,M], together four years, married one. Should I tell the husband [30's,M] of the woman [26,F] about the affair?

I personally don't know these people or have an opinion on what she should do, I would be asking myself the same question. That said, I know someone who cheated and went on to have a normal family. She cheated on her husband multiple times, had a dry spell for a while, then became pregnant with her husband. She completely cut out the cheating when she got pregnant and they live like a normal family. I don't know if her husband ever had any suspicions. I'm not saying that at all let her off the hook, what she did was incredibly shitty and I don't respect her much as a person, but her son has a very happy life with his parents, who are happy together. That would be completely changed if they split up. I think a lot of the cheating came from resentment that she wasn't getting pregnant with him after trying for 8 years, and at that point she hadn't really grown up, she was a spoiled brat. That resentment disipated after having their son and she wanted to do anything she could to give him a good life.

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