Bf putting too much pressure on me, making me unsure of relationship

Maybe I read this incorrectly, but I think it's possible a lot of people are missing what is going on here judging by the comments.

If I'm understanding, you met a guy. The understanding between the two of you, for the first few months of the relationship, was that you both wanted to grow into something serious and that you both planned to stay where you live for the foreseeable future.

Then, three months in, he told you he plans to move out of state. Why? Is this for school? A job? A better quality of life? To be close to family or friends? You also don't say when he plans to move out of state. Did he say "in a couple years I'd like to move closer to my parents as they age," "I'm apply to graduate schools out of state and would start in a year from now," or "I want to move next week"?

So then the assumption came from somewhere that you'd be moving with him. Was that his assumption? Yours? Did you two discuss the implications? Are we talking about a move the two of you would make after less than a year of dating or are we talking about a hypothetical move three years from now?

You wrote this "I’m at such a loss, I really like him, but its so much pressure to except that like 9 months ill go with him when he moves." Do you mean that he wants you to move with him only 9 months into the relationship or 9 months from now (so after over a year of dating)?

What does such a move mean, for you, at any time (career-wise, friend-wise, family-wise, lifestyle-wise, etc.)?

Regardless, you say you don't want to move. So, only a few months into a relationship the obvious solution is to break-up.

Now, if I'm still understanding correctly, for whatever reason that did not happen and you're still together. He's moving, at some point, and you're still deciding whether to go with him because it is way too soon to reasonably make that decision. So the two of you are now both pretending to be in a serious relationship when it's not yet serious enough to make important future decisions and dating with a potential expiration date.

He still thinks you're working to figure out if you two are serious enough about each other that you will commit and make a big move together and you're holding back because you think he might be gone from your life, so you don't want to commit.

So then this vague thing with money happened and he treated it like a serious relationship moving toward commitment and you treated it like he is a casual short-term partner who shouldn't be in your financial business.

He got anxious because he's been hoping you move with him and he just saw the first signs that you aren't committing to him and instead are stepping back.

Have the two of you actually been communicating about how you each see the relationship? Have you been talking about whether there is a future here at all?

Because this doesn't sound like you two are moving toward any sort of commitment or shared goal of building a life together and it sounds like he believes you ought to be.

Have you told him that you still see him as a casual partner of just a few months and aren't sure there is a future there (again, that's reasonable on your side)? But, it's also reasonable for him to not want to date someone who doesn't know after six months whether they even want to try to move closer to commitment.

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