129 words I was recorded during a Zoom date without my consent and am not sure how to respond 342 words He (35M) made me (28F) eggs and now I feel overlooked 337 words Sister forced me to strip to bodyshame me 218 words I'm (21F) really struggling letting go of someone. I still lust for the person and I need coping techniques to get out of this. 160 words My [M/31] girlfriend [F/28] is jealous of my female coworker. Are her requests unreasonable? 192 words Am I "too emotional" by being upset that my boyfriend is happy our kids got more of his genes than mine? 127 words [Final]: I (42M) want to cut my MIL out of mine and my son’s (17M) life after she expressed her “concerns” about my parenting 147 words My wife [26f] and I [31m] are having a very difficult time meeting people who enjoy doing the same things we do, which up until very recently we thought were just normal activities everyone likes. I can't figure out if everyone's changed or if we're just going about this in a weird way. 140 words Mother totally desparate and wants to reconsile after I stopped talking with her since her divorce with my dad. 375 words My(13f) parents(mid 40s) took off my door 6 months ago and it’s driving me insane. 126 words My husband (25M) wants to improve our sex life and I (26F) just feel glum 220 words My (23F) boyfriend (23M) constantly makes fun of my hobby that pays for our dates. 522 words My (F23) best friend (M24) treats me better than my (M24) boyfriend 131 words My(23F) “best friend” was logged into Hulu on my bedroom tv and my boyfriend (23M) says he doesn’t know why 499 words My girlfriend(32F) broke up with me (33M) because of toxic behavior I wasn't aware I was doing. I'm posting to share what I did so that hopefully others can learn, also. 612 words My Step Daughter overheard me venting about her to my therapist 315 words My Step Daughter overheard me venting about her to my therapist 128 words I (30f) am suddenly irritated by everything my boyfriend (40m) does 153 words Should I be worrying about marriage at 24 136 words Am I kidding myself?