141 words Me [28 F] with my husband [28 M] of 6 years, found a brown liquid in a bag in his desk and him acting out of the ordinary tonight 158 words My [28M] LDR partner [23F] is coming to visit but, I've been unhappy because I don't think she feels the same and I've been wanting to end the relationship but I would like to see her. What do I do? 234 words Is my (24F) SO (29M) falling out of love? 130 words I [F22] did an experiment to see if I have friends. It's been 46 days and none of my friends have reached out to me. Do I need new friends? 133 words Bf (M29) was raised by narcissists and I feel like he is also one 620 words Uncertain if my [23F] dwindling feelings for my boyfriend [21M] are valid due to mental health and a troublesome ex [23M]; and if so, are they normal? 200 words Me (18F) and my dad (50M) don’t see eye to eye on college 174 words [NSFW] 24F My dating experiences recently aren't the best... I keep encountering the same problem 126 words Bf [28M] is an extremely picky eater, refuses to cook and just complains about food instead. 128 words Update: Me [35 F] with my husband [39 M] (18 years), my father is offering to give me a downpayment for a house with conditions that are offensive to my husband. 133 words I (27F) want to tell my boyfriend (28M) of 3 months i slept with two of my close friends (20sM), advice wanted 172 words My dad [46M] hit on the nurse [looked young] that was taking my [15M] blood and it's caused a big fight between my parents and I think they may actually split this time. 166 words I feel quite insecure about my girlfriend of one year because in her old-ish twitter feed (and one not well known podcast she made) she mentions few times how he likes guys that, in retrospect, look nothing like me. Bearded rugby guys and so on. And I look like a cute twink. (M26) (F29) 413 words I [19M] have been with my girlfriend [18F] for 3 years now. Very recently, last 2 months or so, we’ve begun having sex regularly. I’m not so sure I love her anymore. 144 words Is it weird that I still (20F) haven’t met my bf’s (23M) parents when we’ve been together for over a year? 333 words I [20M] moved with my girlfriend [21F] and felt like it's not working. She seems not to be prepared for a breakup and now I feel trapped and don't know what to do. 148 words 23f married 4 years to 33m - wife upset about cam girls in marriage 122 words Me (38F) and my new partner (39M) had unprotected sex since the beginning. I want to walk it back and ask him to wear a condom. How do I go about this 258 words My (28f) husband (28m) of 2 years promised me he put the new registration sticker on my license plate. He didn't. I got a massive ticket, his reaction is sort of "oh well, stuff happens!" 375 words I [22M] didn't receive one blowjob from my GF [22F] in our 3 years of relationship