116 words I’m 34F) torn between my husband (37M) and my friends. 184 words I’(M21) deeply conflicted and sorrowful about the prospect of establishing/maintaining platonic female relationships in spite of my g(F23)’s insecurities and the potentiality of jealousy. 183 words My (34f) boyfriend (31m) needs space after a fight. How much is too much? 146 words Depressed bc I (37f) might be missing the boat on kids and a family of my own 177 words My (34f) husband (41m) is angry with me, and I need advice on how to make this better. 183 words Am I (30F) being cold hearted for no longer wanting to be friends with insecure people? 199 words Friend acting like we were never that close 330 words Me (24F) and my friend (24M) had sex 3 night ago. I thought it was amazing and wanted to possibly see where things would go from there, but he said it was a mistake and we shouldn't have done it. I am not sure how to proceed here. 334 words I [26 M] Let my sister [18 F] move into my house last spring after she was kicked out of both our parents' houses. It's not working out but she doesn't have nearly enough money to move out. What do I do? 147 words Should I [24F] accept a large fund of money from my [60s] parents who were abusive? 138 words I’m (22F) having issues with my fiancé (23M) not taking our pregnancy seriously. 197 words My jobless roommate is constantly criticizing me over everything around the apartment 434 words My GF (28F) is pressuring me (28M) to decide whether I want kids in the future and I'm unsure. 160 words My girlfriend (20F) is threatening to end our relationship if I (20M) don’t get a vasectomy 183 words My [23f] boyfriend [27m] says I’m being “insane” and my feelings aren’t as valid because I’m crying 193 words I (25F) told my fiance (30M) no to having guns in the house. I think of it as a boundary, but he's upset I didn't want to have further discussions about it. Am I setting boundaries correctly? 341 words I (26F) am struggling with my relationship with my nibling (11NB) because of their relationship with their abusive stepfather (33M). 161 words I (28M) found out my gf (28F) was with her ex 1 hour after we broke up 510 words My (43m) ex wife (38f) won't stop interfering and sabotaging any relationship I try to have. 286 words (22F) My (22M) boyfriend is dwelling on the past but won’t admit it