116 words Am I [22M] being ridiculous or am I wasting my time with long-term girlfriend [22F] of 3 years and her need for attention. 119 words my (19f) dad (39m) is dating someone (20f) a few months older than me 328 words My [M22] brother [M17] refuses to wash his hands after using the bathroom. It disgusts me, and I hate being around him as a result. 141 words My husband (27M) of 5 years shoved me (25F) last night, and I'm not sure if I'm overreacting. 222 words I[M26] Think I'm Falling for One of My gf's[F24] Friends[F24] 156 words Me (31M) (non-religious) and my wife (27F) (Christian) are not doing well. 151 words My (23F) older brother (36M) has intermittently made comments/behaved in the past and present that I find predatory of young women. How can I bring this up? 129 words My (14F) Friend Wants To Get Back Together But Isn’t On The Best Terms With My Friends (15M) 178 words My parents flipped out on me over a vacation 151 words After almost 2 years of dating, I [28F] told my boyfriend [28M] that I loved him and... it didn’t go well. 137 words I don't own my own personality 117 words Girlfriend pregnant, everyone pressuring me to get married!!! 125 words How do I[22F] deal with a former student[15F] that keeps contacting me without her parents knowledge? 137 words My boyfriend(28) broke up with me (26) with no real reason - concerned about his mental health 155 words How do I (M22) become a better listener to my (F23) partner? 201 words I (31M) had a major appearance change and it has completely changed my relationship with my wife (27F). HELP! 148 words Appropriate age difference for a relationship? 317 words My wife (32F) wants a baby but I (32M) don't. As a husband am I obligated to have children with my wife? 288 words My (21F) girlfriend is considering leaving me (25M) because I might have a hereditary genetic disorder 198 words My boyfriend (28/M) bought an AR-15 without consulting me (27/F) and I want him to get rid of it. Am I being unreasonable?