122 words Wife (35F) of 15 years has been role playing with strangers online 173 words GF (24) ended the relationship with me (28) because she no longer knows who she is. Has anyone every been on either side of this before? Could really use some advice in how to support her. 233 words Ever since our friend [25M] had a kid, the entire friend group only talks about the baby and nothing else 134 words Boyfriend of three years (29M) wants to move his female coworker in (25F) in because he needs her. 177 words Sister (19f) driving a bulldozer through my (26f) relationship with my (57f) mother 222 words My [27F] husband [27M] has betrayed me and lied to me about some very serious things--an STD and drugs. I don't know what to do or if I can ever forgive him. What do I do? 756 words Is four years a long time not to see someone?(22F) 184 words [24M] Someone I thought was my friend threw a party, and invited (literally) all my friends but me. I’m sitting alone looking at multiple friends social media posts of the event and I haven’t felt this isolated since I was 14. 223 words I [24m] knocked up my girlfriend [22f] of nine months. How terrible of an idea is it to get married for practical reasons? 273 words I [25F] found 582 texts messages between my boyfriend [25M] of 1.5years and another girl, what is the best way to confront him? 152 words My (32F) SO (37M) has an autoimmune disease and doesn't treat it. 334 words Wife [25f] seems to feel like she's the only one allowed to have a rough day at work, and it is kinda getting on my [28m] nerves. 218 words My wife [28F] of 3 years has been cheating on me [36M] for months and I don't know what to do. 147 words What do you do with that time between realizing you're in love and being ready to move in/be engaged? 135 words I (24F) kissed a girl without explicit permission from my (26M) BF, how to talk about letting me explore bisexuality? 131 words My crush [23/F] has a boyfriend but she still acts like she likes me. 279 words MY (31F) husband (31M) has become bitter and withdrawn from me. I don't know how to help him. 145 words Is it normal for me to feel the same towards my best friend(26M) as my boyfriend (26M)? 299 words What would cause a close friend [27/F] to be mean to me [27/M] out of nowhere? 119 words My [27F] mother [52F] is forever disappointed in me and not scared to let me know. I resent being around her