217 words I(17M) am crushing on my second cousin(17F) and need to stop 121 words My (30 M) wife (28F) wants to quit her stable job to pursue a hobby she has no training in. 224 words My (F47) husband (M48) finally wants to try counseling now that our youngest will be leaving for college and I am planning to leave. Should I agree to counseling? 172 words My [19F] mom [59F] just told me that I make her depressed. How do I deal with this? 204 words [28, M] My wife [27, F] and I have different views on cutting her family out of our lives. 129 words Husband (35M) wants me (35F) to sign a postnup, and I feel the trust in our marriage has gone out of the window. 249 words My (27f) boyfriend (26m) is incredibly pragmatic and upbeat and it makes me feel like my feelings aren’t valid. 192 words Cheated on partner whiled blacked out guilt is killing me 148 words UPDATE: Me [34M] with my girlfriend [31F] of 2 months. She's pregnant and wants us to keep the baby. 245 words Me [32 F] with my boyfriend [34 M] of 3 years, he says that it isn't enough for me to just go to his family dinners 3-4 times a week because he wants me to want to go. I'm not sure how to force myself to want to go. 125 words I (32F) was tricked into giving my relative (38M) a large amount of money 104 words My friend (24F) is butting her head in and trying her damndest to get me (26F) and my BF (30M) engaged, even though we have other priorities 277 words How to get my [28FTM] mom [50's F] to stop messing with my stuff when I'm gone 130 words My partner (29M) believes that I (28F) should please him whenever he wants me to. 226 words Scared of relationships 147 words My (25F) SO (28M) claims sex is just an act, not intimate. 173 words I'm (24F) having an affair with my husband's (24M) sister (24F). 123 words I (22M) can't talk to my parents (55, 65) about finances in terms that make sense to me 284 words My (19F) SO (21M) gets horny almost every time we're hugging and it's making me really uncomfortable 428 words I’m insecure and my bf won’t unfollow this girl on ig