307 words My [26] sister [30F] keeps insisting I repair my relationship with my father [60M] 410 words My(f25) sister(f31) doesn't want my bf(m26) at her wedding bc her BIL(m29) is infatuated with me and I punched her in the face. Don't know what to do now. 264 words Wife [F30s] prioritising her career search over my career [M30s] 162 words My fiancé (29M) is spending money on unnecessary things and I (26F) can’t make it stop!! Help. 616 words Bf putting too much pressure on me, making me unsure of relationship 128 words I (20F) need advice on how to cope with “waiting” for him (22M) to get his life together 399 words My (36M) ex GF (34F) is back in town and she wants to try being together again. I don't know what to do. 237 words My parents want me (F24) to get an arranged marriage or they will disown me. 144 words My boyfriend (m37) and I (f36) have been together about 3 years. The dog he bought his kids is aggressive to everyone. 130 words I kicked/hit my husband, and he told his parents 172 words I [mid 20s] recently found out that a colleague [late teens] has been spreading malicious rumors in an attempt to bully a friend and I out of our group. 172 words A work rumor might have ruined my relationship 222 words Paranoid my (35F) SO (37M) of 10 years is unfaithful b/c of something he said 144 words Should I (23F) tell my professor (~27F) that some of my classmates are planning on making a forma complaint against her? 133 words Girlfriend (24f) annoyed that I (25m) didn't meet her off the bus because it was raining 145 words How do I (40 F) approach my husband (40M) about end of life matters? 201 words My (24) gf (22) is angry that I slept with somebody a week before we became a monogamous couple 181 words Should I follow my dreams and switch careers? 139 words My Girlfriend (25F) Of 6 Years Told Me (26M) She Has Feelings For A Married Co-Worker That Is Mutual. 199 words Any advice on how to stop beating myself up since my girlfriend dumped me?