387 words I [24M] don't understand why people put up with people who don't respect their boundaries in an interpersonal relationship and it's starting to warp my views on them 158 words SO [30M] confessed that he is not physically attracted to me [22F] 195 words (19M) Relationship/Dating Advice? Becoming A Young Future Parent 122 words Husband (31M) just basically told me (30F) he can get away with things because he’s “bigger than me” 150 words I just found out I'm going to be homeless in a few weeks. I don't know what to do 324 words My mom (50) found out that my dad (52) sexted with one of his clients. I (24M) have no clue how to deal with this. 157 words My (28F) Boyfriend (26M) fapped to his ex after I asked him to come to bed. 475 words I’m (23F) jealous of a girl I went to high school with because my mom loved her, and not me. 153 words Height in heterosexual dating 351 words My 41F husband 48M refused to clean up after the cat. I got mad, touched his arm. He snapped. 221 words How do I [33M] manage to stay sane after wife [33F] cheated and we both want it to work? 265 words gf[29] cheating on me m[30] 184 words I(25f) DESERVE to be yelled at by my bf(28m) of 3 years. 180 words Me [28/F] with my partner [32 F] 2 years, I moved to Australia for our relationship; now I can't find work. How long do I stick it out? 593 words My girlfriend (f20) since 1.5 years broke up with me (m19) yesterday evening, today she says it was her biggest mistake - not sure what to do? 138 words Am I (23/F) getting regular cold feet about my boyfriend (22/M) and I getting married or is there more to it? 200 words My [28M] Fiance [30F] received a letter from someone in jail [30ish M] 144 words I'm (20F) not sure how can I fix my relationship with my boyfriend (23M) of almost 5 years 148 words (24M) My girlfriends friend (21f) is claiming that she cheated on me, after my girlfriend (21f) told her friend's boyfriend that she cheated on him 117 words Fiancee's mates' WAGs (30sFs) seem to be deliberately boycotting my (37F) Hen's night. Do I confront them?