119 words My (37F) husband (36M) ruined my life while pregnant. Together 5 years, married 1.5 289 words My (27F) ex partner’s (28M) new girlfriend (24F) is trying to play house with my child (4F) 169 words Everyone in my life is telling me[M27] to leave my wife[F26] of almost 5 years 124 words I (f20) confided in my friends (f23) about something my boyfriend (m20) had done and now he is mad 158 words Got a new job where I [F22] interact with lots of people over the age of 65. Their loneliness and isolation breaks my heart and I sometimes feel bad for them. My co worker [M24] calls me weak and tells me I should get over myself. How do I turn off and stop caring? 158 words I [F24] feel like my fiancé [M29] is settling for me because I am not asian. 130 words My (25f) mother (45f) is back in the hospital after another suicide attempt and I don't have the heart to go visit her or answer her calls. 161 words I [30M] have become addicted to sharing pictures online whilst my wife [27F] is away. 243 words I [30M] have become addicted to sharing pictures online whilst my wife [27F] is away. 137 words Is it bad/weird that I’m (24/F) still friends with my ex (24/M)? 399 words My (27F) mom (53F) is driving me insane. Always criticizing me. Recently she told me I am too skinny (100 lbs, 5'2") and told me I am ugly and should gain weight. 298 words My [40F] daughter [9F] and her cousins [8-11 Fs] terribly bullied my nephew [9M] and my brother [41M] was furious. I wish I could help solve this. How? 302 words [28F] don't want to leave my depressed [30M] boyfriend, but I think I have to. 126 words My boyfriend [16m] tried to compliment me [15f] by tearing down every other girl he knows. I think I want to break up. 209 words My (31F) husband (32M) and I have agreed that we’re done having kids... but I’m starting to think he’s dodging the best option of birth control for both of us: a vasectomy. 164 words My [28F] boyfriend [33] does not think it is ever his responsibility to make me happy when I'm upset, and I'm really struggling to figure out if I deserve better, or if he's got a point and I am being immature. 136 words My [31F] husband [33M] of 8 years is giving me the cold shoulder after I sent him link to article about his inappropriate groping of me. How to discuss personal boundaries with stubborn personality? 305 words Me [22M] and gf [18F] disagree on the disrespect of bad punctuality. It's getting unbearable and makes me feel worthless. 186 words How can i (f/18) go to Amsterdam with my boyfriend (m/19) without my parents knowing? Please help lol 206 words My [31,F] Husband [32,M] is acting like a bratty teenager.