124 words I [25M] want to go home for Thanksgiving but my girlfriend [24F] says if I do, we're over. 150 words My girlfriend [27F] or 3 years puts no effort into her appearance anymore and I'm [27M] not attracted at all. I feel like an ass and don't know what to do. 226 words My [31M] boss [35M] just made me aware I’m not well liked at work - specifically stating because of my personality, not work reasons. How do I move past this? 294 words I (23F) am supposed to be my cousin’s (23F) maid-of-honor, but I absolutely hate her fiancé (27M). It all came to a head last night. 260 words 22f What to do 387 words All of my boyfriend's friends/roommates hate me 149 words This sounds ridiculous but it's an issue. My [26M] bodybuilding boyfriend eats a lot more food than me [26F] and it's destroying our relationship. 145 words Reading some of the posts here, makes me (F23) wonder whether I am an idealist or my standards are too high 146 words My ex (F24) drugged me (M24) and I want to physically hurt her. I need someone to hear my story please. 180 words Am I [19F] overreacting to my boyfriend’s [20M] mother [50F] telling her friends and acquaintances that I’m not on birth control? 436 words I (30F)don't want to spend the holidays with my boyfriends (27M) family 128 words One of my bridesmaids and close friends (F 29) got married and did not tell me 261 words UPDATE: my(33) husband(38) had inappropriate conversation with my sister(27) and is still contacting her. He’s blaming it on the drugs. How do I leave with two kids? 169 words My (F24) husband (M30) doesn't "believe" in my friendship with a superior from work (M33) 131 words Am I the only one? 173 words Should I [M, 29] - who has been emotionally cheating - break up with my gf [F, 28] 137 words I (25F) got back together with my (27M) ex after he finally made all the promises I was waiting for...it isnt going well 215 words My [28M] Girlfriend [26F] of almost two years went on a terrible racist rant while drunk. I am completely shocked and disturbed by this and want to make her understand the gravity of those views. 121 words One of my boyfriend's [21M] best friends' [22M] family's (pregnant wife, and toddler) house burned down in the California wildfire and are now coming to live with us in our small apartment. I did not agree to this and I [21F] am feeling extremely anxious and panicked. 253 words I [26F] pay for everything in our relationship. He [26M] only pays for small purchases (dinner etc.) for us sometimes with a debit card attached to his parents account. Am I being unreasonable for being annoyed?