127 words Language barrier 272 words My mum [48F] and my boyfriend's dad [50M] have just started dating. Are we wrong disown them? 368 words Boyfriend (M29) told me (F29) I would be a single mom if I didn’t get an abortion a year after the procedure 148 words She [23F] dumped me [24] over my size 244 words My(f20s) friend (m20s) of 2 years depends way too much on me and engages in freaky behaviour when I'm unavailable. 131 words I [27M] confessed to my best friend [23F] last night and it didnt go as planned. What do I do now? 135 words Was my bf (29/m) being dismissive of my (27/f) concerns about animal cruelty? 143 words I (25F) am very torn about staying with my boyfriend (33M) and while the thought of ending things kills me, it may be the correct path? 197 words I (27F) broke up with him (31M) but am turning into a certifiable crazy pants over him moving on 121 words Chance of an average guy [30m] with a hard 10 [33f] 270 words My [F21] husband [M21] wants me to give up my dream of a PhD to be a SAHM. He also wants to get rid of my dog. Should we divorce? 191 words Girl (21F) i (21M) have been seeing for 5 months says she is depressed and only looking for a friendship right now. 226 words I [23F] am 4.5 months into a 10-month au pair job. I'm extremely homesick and don't know whether it's worth staying. 179 words My [24/F] SO [24/M] clothes smell like mildew and it is causing fights 270 words I [26F] need to lose weight but my fiancé [32M] needs to gain weight. It’s putting a strain on our relationship- what are ways we can navigate this? 114 words Dealing with judgment from my mother for persuing professional treatment for my severe acne [me 23f with my mother 56f] 194 words My insecurities ruining my chances to be with someone I'm into 127 words My older boyfriend (M40) lied to me (F30) for years, but now I think he might be telling the truth. Am I wrong to believe him? 187 words My BF (40M) has slept with quite a few of his female friends, and their continued closeness makes me feel uneasy... how to proceed?? 128 words I’m (30sF) burned out supporting my friend (40M) with PTSD and I lashed out at him