My fiancé (29M) is spending money on unnecessary things and I (26F) can’t make it stop!! Help.

It might be a stress reaction to getting married. Or it might be that you just haven't seen it before.

The time to have these discussions is before you get married. Ideally before you get engaged. Have sex, because if that doesn't work the marriage is going to be very weird. Live together, because that shows up a whole bunch of habits that you need to be compatible on. Open up to each other, not just financially but emotionally and about your hopes and plans for the future.

If you haven't already done that stuff maybe see a couples therapist or if you can't do that find a community leader type person and sit down with them and talk it through. Or even an older family member that you both trust.

Trust your gut - if his reaction to "I want this, she isn't comfortable" is just to keep doing what he wants... that isn't a good omen for married life together.

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