My parents want me (F24) to get an arranged marriage or they will disown me.

I'm Indian, and know that I would b anxious about marrying a stranger.

Options: do modern dating, find someone on Dil Mil if they're particular about race ( not cool but some parents are, lets be honest, racist, also afraid of the unknown and don't want to learn )

If u can financially support urself, with a stable job, move out and set boundaries, find someone yourself/ or take ur time.

Whatever you do, it's time to get some autonomy, stable income, trusted friends, relatives that are likeminded and will side with u...... else you'll be dependent on your parents and they'll pressure to getting married based on their timeline.

Also, they say , parents come around when u have grandkids.

My family tried to force me to conform, and didn't give me credit where it was deserved ( scapegoat of my generation) , they'll make all the random excuses in the book. They honestly don't care who it is unless he looks good on paper and ticks all their boxes.

Someone has to break the cycle and stand up to the bullies. Honestly, if the girl or guy dates, so what.

Try finding people in the Indian community near you who married for love, and see if they have any good advice. Having someone's footsteps to follow , helps. And maybe your parents can talk to their parents.

To me, being disowned is better than being their puppet and their punching bag.

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