Paranoid my (35F) SO (37M) of 10 years is unfaithful b/c of something he said

Yeah, I know. It's all tiny things, which is why I'm hesitant to even bring it up. I have in the past brought things up prematurely before I've had a chance to really get to the bottom of why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling, and then it doesn't solve anything. So that's why I made this post I guess, to try to sort through what's actually going on, and if I even need to talk to him about it. In the end up probably end up taking him all about it, and just telling him how I was feeling, but recognize why/where it's coming from and just want to have the catharsis of having the conversation so it doesn't feel "unfinished".

I would usually talk to my closest friemds about it, but I don't want to unearth any prior mistrust that has been buried long ago from something that is quite possibly just coming from a place of insecurity.

We've also not been able to have sex for a long time due to some medical things on his side, and I am thinking that is probably playing a big role in this too. And it's been about a year since I last brought up the whole wanting to get married thing and it's just been silence on the topic since.

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