27 F4M - asian on her knees

Setting: Alternate history where the atom bomb was not created. Korea joined the Japanese and the rest of the Axis in WWII. I am a soldier.

My whole platoon was warn out. All happy to hear the news of the Axis surrender. None of us enjoyed war, it was what we had to endure. We knew the Koreans felt the same way... As soon as we heard the orders both sides dropped their weapons and acted as if nothing happened. There was a bit of tension in the city, but things seemed peaceful. Our platoon wasn't going to be shipping out for another couple of days so me and my buddies decided to grab a drink off base while we were still there. We dressed down in semi civilian clothes. Still in army drab though. The tight dark green tee-shirt didn't fit as loosely as it once did. Seems I had gained some muscle mass these last few months in the bunkers. As me and my buddies headed out down the road we could tell that the locals weren't fond of us, but tolerated our presence. After all, they would be getting whatever the military left behind at the temporary base.

We walked up to the bar, just a little whole in the wall place, but at least we knew they had beer. Everyone at the bar seemed to be locals. They glanced down the bar at us, not making eye contact but letting us know that they didn't appreciate our presence in their bar. However the 4 of us knew we could easily out power the rest of the bar if there were to be a brawl, so we decided to take our chances. Besides we just made it through a war too and a beer was more than deserved by both sides. God knows there are far too many who couldn't enjoy one anymore...

I glance down the bar and see you come out of the kitchen swinging door. You push the door open with your back as you yell in Korean at someone in the kitchen. As you push the door all the way, you whip your long dark black hair around you and I get a glance at your face. It's been a while since I've seen a woman so radiant and beautiful. Or any woman at all for that matter. You face us and take two steps out of the kitchen before you notice us round eyes sitting at the end of the bar. We know you hate us. We would hate us too were we in your shoes. Half your country in ruin over a stupid war neither of our countries started. And yet we make eye contact... And hold a bit longer than either of us normally would. You break eye contact to ask the other at the bar if they are alright, they nod and all have full drinks. You come down to the end of the bar and ask what we would like to drink. I answer for all of us "4 beers please" you nod and go to fill the order. Dear god are you beautiful. Exotic, soft spoke and reserved. You serve us our beers and return to the kitchen. I watch you walk away, and you glance back to catch my gaze as you pass through the swinging door. I turn back to my mates and we go on with our evening. All of us are mostly silent. Still comprehending the hell we have recently made it through. Halfway through my beer I go out for a smoke. I walk around the corner of the building to catch some air and run right into you. Seems you were out for a smoke as well. I smile and you smile back shyly. I hold up a cig and ask you for a light. You nod and pull a box of matches from your pocket. As I lean against the wall, inhale deeply, and exhale you watch my every movement, focusing on the rise and fall of my muscular chest.

After another full breath of the cool night air I ask you how you are. I can tell by our brief encounters that your English isn't the best but that you have some education and can understand and speak a little. I try to keep up conversation but I don't know any Korean. You reply in short one or two word answers to my statements "happy war over" And "peace, quiet now". As we both lean against the wall and our cigarettes burn down, I slowly move closer to you until our hands bump into each others. You shy away and look over at me at first. I keep my hand where it was, looking forward while taking another drag of my cigarette as if nothing happened. I watch you from the corner of my eye glance at my hand and lower yours again to brush up against mine. I slowly move my pinky to brush against your finger and can see your smile grow out of the corner of my eye. We both know this exotic encounter is something we want. I slowly interlock my fingers in yours as I take the final drag if my cig. I toss it aside, clasp your hand tightly and spin so you are pinned between me and the wall. You let your cig drop to your side as I press you against the wall and run my rough war torn hand through your long silky black hair. I pull your head towards mine as I pull your lips to mine. I can tell you are nervous as you let out a little squeak as our lips touch. I think it's cute. The touch of your lips drives me wild, its been so long since I've felt a woman, not to mention one as exotic and beautiful as you. We continue to kiss as I begin to move my hips into you, pressing you between the wall and my hardening cock. I can tell when you've felt it. You gasp a bit and glance down shyly before returning to my kiss. You've never felt something quite that large before.

As we kiss I move my hand to the bottom of your shirt. Before moving it upwards, I slowly slide it between the elastic of your skirt and your soft skin. I slide it down and can feel your warmth over your cotton parties. I let one finger drag over your slit as I pull my hand up and out of your skirt and pull the bottom of your shirt with it over your head and off your body.... PM me for conclusion ;)

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