It's pretty obvious you have never had any close friends or family that have been suicidal or had these thoughts yourself

Correct, except when I was younger and didn't really know what was happening. The thought of taking away your own life scares me. This was my attempt at "helping" suicidal people, I'm sorry for being uneducated and inexperient in this area. That's part of why I'm directing them to others (not just the hotline, though it seems including it at all was a mistake), I don't think would be as much use as them. My mistake, though, directing them to a hotline without knowing what actually happens after.

Wouldn't it be best to minimize suffering?

That's assuming the person will go through with it anyways. I believe not having information like this site would be a better option. It changes the question from "should I do it or not?" to "how should I do it?", and if we're trying to avoid suicides, the fear of ending up disfigured/disabled is probably one major factor decreasing the number of suicides. I can guarantee this site is increasing the number of suicides.

After losing someone dear to me

I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember when I was younger, my mom's friend took his own life. I remember clearly the look in her face, when she realized he had been planning it. I hope you and their friends and family are doing better.

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