3.3 GPA with a 150 on the LSAT's, do I stand a chance?

If I came across as homophobic, then I deeply apologize. I do not see however, how I was making that kind of implication. I am not saying that an individual should hide their identity, all I am saying is that since the average person does not announce their sexuality (for instance, most heterosexuals do not announce their sexuality to other people randomly, just like most homosexuals do not announce their sexuality to people randomly), you'll never know what someone else's sexual identity is (unless of course they announce it).

My point was, unless you tell the person what your sexual orientation is, then they'll never know what it is. I never implied that you should hide your identity, or that you should steer away from telling someone your sexual identity.

In fact, I encourage people to be honest with themselves and to be open with their true identity. I know if I ever had a child and he or she felt that he or she wasn't straight, I would want him or her to embrace it and I would encourage him or her to do whatever he or she feels is "right".

I apologize profoundly again, but by no means was I implying, or insinuating for that matter, that any person should be hiding their sexuality. I did not say this, nor did I imply it in any shape or form.

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