One Daijo: An introduction to the QIN Token Mechanism

We are also exploring the option of supporting ERAs' ability to execute deb collections. If this were to be implemented, we expect that the following processes and limitations will be in place: 1) Only verified ERAs who want to pursue debt collections against the borrowers will be provided with the borrowers’ PII; 2) ERAs will be able to ask for the information only when the borrower has defaulted; 3) To qualify, ERAs must be able to demonstrate that their debt collection process is compliant with various regulations that are in place to protect consumers and enforce fair debt collection practices; 4) Prior to the release of the borrowers’ PII, the ERA must sign legal documents which will require the ERA to meet One Daijo’s minimum privacy and data protection standards and hold them liable for any misuse of the data; and 5) the borrower must have consented in advance to this arrangement.

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