3 Zee News Journalists had arrived at Singhu to show only vacant places to convince their viewers that farmers have left Singhu. But they were caught by farmers and you can see their WhatsApp chat.

for non Hindi/Punjabi Speakers

l1 Send me location

l2 I am standing at that place(I dont know what that is refered to as)

l3 where I was/where it was

l4 where should I come?

l5(sender) please wait

l6(sender) at the same place(idk what that place is)

l7 what happened

l8 if "kaand" happens only then will I call someone (kaand according to me means something bad / violence)

l9(senderl everything seems normal

l10 ok

l11 Make it appear as if it is empty

l12 Langar is also empty make such visuals

l13(sender) okay

l14(sneder) anything else?

l15 I'll come to you

l16 where are you?

l17(sender) where I covered (story/visuals not specified) about stage

l18(sender) what else?

l19 okay

//doubtful l20 (if we take it word by word it means eat langar but from the context I assume its:)cover Langar too.

l21(sender) there is full rush in langar

l22 we will keep the camera rolling while walking on left side

l23 it was empty moments before(I assume Langar)

//doubtful l24(sender) "kha" could mean eat or where I assume it means where

//doubtful l25 (sender) "per" could mean feet

l26 I mean to say there is not as much rush as before

//doubtful l27(sender) "Min" idk what that word is

l28(sender) if any "kaand" happens please come to me

l29 near the langar near stage

l30(sender) if any "kaand" happens please come to me

l31(sender) Where is empty Langar?

l32(sender) stage is full now

l33 where we took entry

l34 in the right there is Langar

l35 come

l36 it is enough(probably coverage)

l37 (sender) stop is there anything else too?

l38 let's go I dont want any "kaand" to happen

l39(sender) if "kaand" happens I eill call you

l40(sender) where are you

please some one else translate the rest I don't think the rest is necessary feeling sleepy will translate in morning

//important from line 24 and 25 I am not sure maybe he means kaha par which translate to where

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