3L struggling to stay motivated. Advice?

Hey man, although I am not a law student yet, all I can say is just try to keep in mind that you are literally right there. As long as you do well this year you will be able to do the things you are looking forward to, so there is no point in jeopardizing it at all when you are so close to your goal.

What I would keep in mind if I was you is that some of the things you learn as a 3L may help you with your career. As hard as it is to care about your school stuff when you can practically taste your career, go into this year with the mindset that what you learn will be beneficial to you throughout your career.

Again, like I said I am not a law school student, but don't you need to maintain good or at least decent grades even though you have an offer?? Isn't the BAR exam taken after 3L (or perhaps I'm mistaken)? If that is the case, then surely the classes at a t14 law school will have some benefit.

In the end, it doesn't really matter what Internet strangers say to you. If you don't already find some natural motivation, then nothing people say on here will really change that. If you truly are looking forward to being a professional, then start being one right now and do the professional thing and ace your upcoming classes.

Good luck

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