Halsey on miscarrying young: “Every time I read a miscarriage story, it’s about a happily married woman who loses a baby, and that’s f—king terrible ... but I never read ‘A 20 y/o girl who’s scared & alone & single had a miscarriage.’ And guess what? That happens all around the world every d

This was my first thought. So fucking sick of women doing this yet always trying to front like they actually care, or comparing and contrasting.

I'm nearly 21, pregnant, and in a horrible financial situation which somewhat traps me with my emotionally abusive ex-fiancé. If I ended up miscarrying, sure I wouldn't want people to tell me that I dodged a bullet or it was probably for the best (um, I got pregnant in the first place, though? So how would it be for the best?), BUT I wouldn't want anyone to treat me any different from anyone else who had miscarriages, because it's universally frightening, painful, and hurtful.

If we didn't want the child, we would have aborted it. We decided to keep it for a reason.

Whether I'm 20 in one of the worst circumstances or 28 with a loving family and husband, I wouldn't want anyone differentiating miscarriage circumstances, and I sure as hell wouldn't want people who've never experienced it trying to use me as a prop to make arguments aimed against other women.

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