65Million people voted for Trump, more than his first term

You believe that the biggest selling point of Biden is him not being Trump. Yes, I agree but this is only valid for those people on the hinge and right-leaning Independents. If you actually read Biden's platform, you'd realise he has adopted a lot of key progressive policies. So why doesn't Biden focus more on advertising his progressive policies? Because the US electorate is way too conservative and any fucking bit of change is feared as some sort of radical socialist agenda by the people. So Instead, Biden has to play to safe.

I'm aware of Biden's politics. But I believe them to be concern troll policies because of his voting record. Look at his past legislative activities and his current policies. That being said I still prefer Biden because while I believe that Biden won't deliver on his policies, atleast he won't cause further damage like Trump and maybe push the needle slightly towards liberal policies.

Cool, let me ask you this. Do those same people believe Biden and the Democratic party to be embracing the far-left and think they have gone full socialist? I'm pretty sure they do because I've seen plenty of educated conservatives call Biden a socialist. But then, we have centrists and Independents who think Biden's biggest selling point is him not being Trump. You have to be blind to not see the contradiction here. How can you claim on one hand when Biden's biggest selling point is him not being Trump, when on the other people perceive him to be a socialist? Clearly, one of these groups has drastically mis-represented Biden or the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Nope, they don't see him as socialist because he isn't. I see the contradiction in those assertions and you're right, but as you said these contradictions of views are between different factions, so it's obvious that there would be contradiction. I think you'd agree that Biden is more of a neoliberal establishment candidate.

And you don't think this debate doesn't take place? Stats overwhelmingly dictate that people of colour and college educated people vote for Biden, while Trump's base is largely dependent on the white population( especially those in rural areas). The second-amendment is one of the most critical issues, along with abortion, for Trumpists. They don't care about a global pandemic, as long as the second amendment is safe. Is Biden going to take away the second amendment? No, these are just lies propagated to ensure fear-mongering. I apologise for calling all of them gun-loving nutjobs. But surely they are his primary voter base.

I'm not denying the stats, but I think the current discourse lacks charity. I know politics is the last place for any charitable discourse, but this just won't work in the long term and someone needs to take a step for finding a middle ground. How long do you think we can afford to play with polarized majoritarian politics? Atleast you can agree that there is a way to find a middle ground in such situations.

This is called privilege. I apologise if this sounds offensive. Not bothering to check the platform of either candidate and merely giving hot-takes based on political rhetorics of both sides are the attributes of a privileged person. So when a President prematurely declares victory and baselessly makes vicious accusations against his opponent of cheating, you don't think this is a problem? When he repeatedly lies about a global pandemic and denies climate change, you don't it's a problem? Don't get me wrong, Biden is no saint. He has contributed to the systematic racism prevalent in the US and is no doubt corrupt. But there are some core fundamental issues that need to be ticked and Biden gets it right. He believes in climate-change, he acknowledges systematic racism, he wishes to strengthen laws protecting LGBTQ+ members, he wishes to strengthen the social safety net etc. If a person cannot commit to these ideals in the 21st century and constantly runs propaganda attacking scientists, then he/she is not fit for any political office.

Sorry if it came off the wrong way, but what I meant was that even if Biden wins, he won't be able to change much because of republican controlled senate and House and if Trump wins, he'll continue what he has been doing as long as the GOP supports him. I'm privileged to some extent, but I'm also aware of their policies, but most people vote on rhetorics and we need to deal them on the rhetoric level.

If you're going to argue with me on how Biden is a better candidate than Trump, you won't have any arguments from me because I think both of us agree that while Biden is not a saint, at worst, he'll stall further damage from Trump administration and at best push the needle for some liberal policies.

My point here is I don't think it's productive to categorically label all Trump voters as redneck gun-nuts. Yes, the southern strategy remains his main base, but there are good chunk of his base that are opposed to Biden on issues instead of rhetorics. If we segregate those bases and try to win them over it helps. By lumping those bases together we make them unnatural allies and that'll just make them or natural enemy which is unneeded.

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