80-Year-Old Homeowner Who Killed Burglar Begging For Her Life Won't Face Charges

You seem like a reasonably intelligent person so I'm going to ask you to just open up your mind a little bit and be objective.

This happened last year. Greer told the media, right after it happened that he shot her in the back. Clearly the media seized upon this sensational story about a pregnant girl being shot by an old man and ran with it. Greer and his unfeeling, bragging comments made it more sensational. Everyone assumed Greer proudly shot her in the back after she said she was pregnant.

Later, the autopsy showed she was not pregnant and was shot twice. That information came out last year maybe a few weeks after the incident.

This is news now because the detectives concluded their investigation of the crime scene examining DNA, testimony, the gun, the timeline of events, the people involved, forensics, etc. and came to the conclusion that it was a justified shooting.

What I think happened is that the only important part of the autopsy the media was interested in was the question of pregnancy. No one played up the information that she was never shot in the back. So instead of getting the right information, they just re-ran the sensationalism with the decision of the DA as if Greer was right all along and did shoot her in the back. But the forensics don't support his story. He said he shot her twice in the back, but he only got off 3 bullets. 2 of those were not in her back.

So anyone saying she was shot in the back like the media, Tom Greer, Tom Green, Blink-182, the cast of Friends, Kobe Bryant, or mother fucking Dr. Phil would be 100% flat out fucking wrong. The autopsy showed she was not shot in the back. It's no mystery, she was never shot in the back, and THAT'S WHY Greer is not being charged. What he told the press and what he told the DA are not the same thing. He never shot her in the back. He may have shot AT HER BACK, but he missed. She collapsed in the alley. Usually when people collapse when running, they go down face first. That would have been the time to shoot her in the back, but it didn't happen.

Think about it. Greer never says where she said she was pregnant. Greer says she said she was pregnant but he shot her anyway. Everyone assumed that happened AFTER he had already shot her. But she could have said that before they ran out of the house when they saw he had a gun. The media pushed the whole begging for her life bs, just like they always try to push whatever agenda they want at the time. That's it for that.

This next part is just something I wrote but it's more about society as a whole. You don't have to read it, it was just on my mind.

Could you fucking imagine if she had been black? Do you see the riotous shitstorm that the media would whip up if Andrea Miller was black? The marches, Sharpton, the riots, the demands that Greer be charged with everything under the sun, the media using it's power to create conflict and letting every racist, black and white, have a platform. Forget about being objective about the actual event, you are either with us or against us. You are part of the problem if you don't choose our side, whatever that side is. And the news channels and web sites would get all the viewers and all the page clicks and make another billion dollars on the backs of minorities for the 3 people who control the media and then what? Nothing. It all goes back to the way it was because nothing was resolved. Because if it gets resolved, there's nothing to control, so it's better to pause the argument until the next minority takes the spotlight and the whole thing starts all over again. But you know, I'm too busy updating my Facebook status and playing World of Warcraft to really do anything about it. It's much easier to just act like I care in a comment section of a blog. I'm young and far too entitled to go out of my way for someone else, unless they're giving away free make up or something. As if.

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