Add a character, remove a character, and change a character

Add : Cyclops

Remove: Replace RE5 Jill with RE1 Jill

This is how I would change the game. I also want to add some stuff as well. The rest of the character that is not listed remains unchanged.

I like this game because there's no balance change or a patch, so I don't have to constantly relearn the game all the time.


  • Change Cap's Normal(Cr.L, Cr.M, St.M).

*Cr.L is Cr.LP from Marvel Super Heroes/Marvel vs Street Fighter.

*Cr.M is Cr.MK. (To Out range Someone, Cr.MK has more range than Cr.MP)

*St.M is St.MP (Better Anti-Air move than Cr.M or St.S )

  • Add Standing Fierce as a --> St.H Can be chained from St.H (For safe blockstring when opponent doesn't pushblock w/ Shield Slash.)

Iron Man

  • Smart Bombs & Cr.H tweaked so it looks like the original. Cr.H should go straight, not diagonal.

  • Proton Cannon safe on hit.

  • Add Knee Dive (Down Air M)


  • The LvL3 Counter is now a LvL1 Hyper Combo.


  • Change his Cr.H. Where he moves forward while kicking with his two feet.

  • Add Dive Kick straight down (Air Down Forward M)

Chun Li

  • Assist B is EX Spinning Bird Kick assist. It has invincibility too.

  • Add the front flip kick thing (OTG)

** Magneto(To satisfy Marvel Comics or Stan Lee with their vision, and hopefully will make them want sign a partnership with Capcom again to make X-Men vs SF 2, A sequel to Marvel Super Heroes, Bring MvC2 back, and A Non Fighting Game* Ex: A Puzzle Fighter but with Marvel characters instead. I feel that it just not the same without Capcom making games for Marvel, and there would be a lot of imagination involved when it comes to Capcom making a game like Marvel.)**

  • Faster startup and More Durability on Hyper Grav to make it more useful in netural. Can block after performing it in the air.

  • Forcefield can be held with a button. A fully charged Force Field makes Magneto untouchable.

  • More Zoning Tools that controls both ground and air space, or Anything that encourages Magneto players to play more zoning or space controlling game (Magnetism related)

  • Change Cr.L, St.M, Air L, and Air M. These normals along with J.S should do chip damage, and have durability.

  • Removing everything that make his ability to play a rushdown game.

  • Gravity Squeeze is now a LvL1 Hyper.

  • Magnetic Tempest does more chip damage.

  • Magnetic Blast makes Magneto float in the air so he can't use it as a rushdown tool.

  • Anything that would make Magneto uses his magnetism more.

Chris Redfield

  • Can Throw M and H grenade in the air

  • The Grenade assist is now an assist that can heal any red health for the point character.

Strider Hiryu

  • Make Vajira assist harder to punish on both the ground and the air.

** Applies to All Characters**

  • All normals except launchers(only on hit) can be super jump canceled on hit or block.

  • Can switch character while Team Hyper Combo (X-Men vs SF). The Command for that is to Hold A1 & A2.

  • Hold <--- A1 & A2 :The 2nd character comes in

  • Hold --> A1 & A2: The 3rd character comes in

  • Can DHC into the 3rd Character using 2 bars

  • Can DHC while calling Assist

  • Mashable Specials, or Lighthing Leg are unpushblockable until the last hit.

  • All J.S causes hard knockdown or soft knockdown (only for characters with limited air mobility)

  • Pope Select, where the plink dash can be option selected as a throw in the game removed. (Helps characters who doesn't have a quick overhead or a command grab)

  • All Low Tier characters are buffed to become Mid or High Tier characters, or Anything that gives something that allow both Mid and Low Tier characters compete with Top or S Tier characters

  • I would change the TvC layout into a 6 Button Layout: LK, MK, HK, LP, MP, HP The command for a X-Factor would be KKK, and the command for a Dash would PPP)

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