My point being, you shouldn't have to. You can customize damn near EVERYTHING when placing your TESLA order.... Except this!!!! I'm being downvoted now for this simple idea. When Elon Musk announces this in 2-5 years this idea will be hailed as genious!!!!!!!!!!! Elon Musk is a Genious.... However, sometimes, the public (which generates the PROFIT).... Comes up with better ideas to streamline/make better the products they are buying. Small minds discuss small topics..... Sorry I forgot I'm on Reddit and I should simply bow down because the masses viewed my comment wrong.... Elon repeats my comment 2 years later and it's fucking evolutionary! At this point I could care-less.... Just keep on fighting the world and the Reddit bullshit hive-mind Mr. Elon Sir... And please don't forget where you came from. Knowing, solid state or graphene batteries can launch you from REVOLUTIONARY of an INDUSTRY.... TO A GOD OF INDUSTRY!!!! YOU WILL BE THE WRIGHT BROTHERS AS TO FLIGHT, AS TO FUTURE CAR TRAVEL IF YOU CAN ADVANCE BETTER BATTERY GRAPHENE OR SOLID STATE BATTERY TECHNOLOGY!!!!

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