After 2017 crash,It took roughly 1 year to find the bottom for BTC and ETH.

It’ll be fine and move up and reach a new ATH eventually, but we’ve got a long and bloody recession in front of us.

A lot of these financial institutions are going to cash out during various stages of it.

This cycle should have burst during the Trump presidency, but the tax cuts juiced things. It should have overheated, caused inflation, then popped then.

But covid happened, caused a rapid collapse and insane government intervention and it kept things going. Then things overheated, inflation kicked in, and now it’s popping. New home sales just dropped further and faster than they did in March of the covid shutdown. Existing home sales are sure to follow.

So things are going to really fucking collapse, like they should have 6 years ago. Anyone telling you this is the bottom needs a damn history lesson or economics class.

But, there will still be a bottom eventually, and then another boom cycle, and everything that survived will reach ATH again.

But seriously, this is not even close to the damn bottom. Consumer spending is still keeping things moving forward, but holy fuck is it going to fall apart for a while

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