Ahh Yes, I love my totally normal 1v17s

And yet I feel the same way about "No Contest", even though I've only ran into him once. He was me, but better.

Donut is a very tough player I have a lot of trouble with. But No Contest was on another level, because I ACTIVELY saw him doing MY repertoire of tricks yet he was faster than me in stacking. I've only occasionally stolen wins off of R4 here and there too, and I think FQM is just better at standard guideline Tetris to where he's able to power through the T99 Team targeting bullshit and win anyway.

And you HAVE beaten me before in Teams, I'm pretty sure. Any time I lose a Team game and see you on top, I'm like "yeah, not surprising at all" same as with Sim. And it's funny, because it feels like a 50/50 shot it's you or him on Green, but for entirely different rasons - Green is Sim's thing, and you're always on Green for the enhanced <=10 chance.

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