Is The Ahmadiyya Caliphate A rigged System?

Well, current Khalifa himself has admitted that the election of Khalifa is like the election of the Pope except without the smoke. A closed door election done by people from Nizam without input from the common members is certainly a rigged one and against Islamic guidance of mutual consultation. We are told just to pray and stay out of the matter.

100%. This was also Muawiya's argument when Medina acclaimed Ali (on threat of "drastic action" from Uthman's murderers.

As the Ahmadiyya election process bears absolutely no resemblance to the process for electing any of the first 4 Khulafa of Islam, the only analogy that comes closest is the process for Catholic Pope. Indeed, the Jamaat's 'divine inspiration' justification is exactly the same as the one employed by the Catholic Church. Doesn't the Jamaat say we should not copy others?

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