Alice in Chains - Would [Grunge]

I saw Velvet Revolver twice when their second album came out, and STP twice when they had their reunion and reunion album. The first show I saw for each band was one of the best performances I had seen, and Weiland was just perfect. Great presence, hit every note, and made the band feel dangerous.

But for the second VR show, he was standing still the entire time, voice flat as can be, and he even fell off the stage. This was in SF at the Warfield in case anyone was there as well. It was sad, and I think they left after barely an hour. A dramatic drop from the insanely high quality performance the first time around (at the same venue.)

And it was the same for STP as well. The first show was mindblowing, and the second was just sad. I forget the timelines for when the show's happened: I think both VR shows were first, but they were all at the Warfield. So out of four times seeing Weiland live, two were unforgettable in the best ways and two were unforgettable in the worst ways.

Guy had a lot of demons, but when he was on, he was truly one of the greats.

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