what is the worst way to respond to "i love you"?

Me and my wife were having a romantic vacation. We had themed rooms for a week.

We went out for dinner and drinks and when we got back to the room. She said "I just want you to know that I love you"

So.. During sex, I got a bit tired. She repeated that she loved me again, so invigorated by it, I turned her around and put her head into the steering wheel shaped cushion, started going at it in doggy and deeply breathed "Vroom, vroom let me in the womb".

I was SO let down with myself. I could see the look on her face after of utter disgust. I tried to make it up to her for a few days after. Lesson learned. Don't try and be sexy.

TL:DR: Was making love to my wife, she said she loved me, I said "vroom, vroom let me in the womb"

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