It's almost that time of year again :)

As a word, I'm completely comfortable with life having no meaning whatsoever. To me, I simply love being alive and want to live for as long as I can so that I can continue living for as long as possible. It's the same reason I'm into Transhumanism for the sake of Radical Life Extension.

With money, like I said, I'm already satisfied with what I have from a material perspective. Aside from buying my own house, I've got everything I need. I've often told people that all I need is a decent kitchen (prefer to prepare my own food), a good bathroom, nice bedroom, and a computer for entertainment purposes. Although one of my hobbies since childhood has been collecting movies, so there is that.

What I want money for is for the sake of building wealth. I plan on getting into the real estate market in the next five years, and hopefully I'll be able to make around 5k or more each month from rental income by the time I'm in my mid-30's while I'm still working. Hiring a property manager to find viable tenants and manage things since I'll be working during the day. Making it so I can be financially independent and retire by the age of forty.

As for hobbies, I already mentioned the Movie Collecting. I also tend to do a lot of writing for personal reasons, but I've actually just started on a new hobby - Bodybuilding. Have been interested in weight training for years, but finally have everything I need to get started. Seeing if I stick with it since its only been a few weeks since I got started, but I do genuinely love working out. So between the movies, cooking, writing, and new hobby of bodybuilding, I've got plenty going on to keep me happy.

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