Go Dads.

They already are.. I posted in their subreddit in 2020 asking for them to root for SF to get in the playoffs at the end of the season to hopefully bump off LA for them in the first round.

I was met by so much hate and people saying that we wouldn’t root for them to beat us in the last game of the 2010 season so they could get in the playoffs… a season where we went 92-70 and they went 90-72, and losing the final game to fail to force a game 163. Like come on guys… I’m asking you root for us to get in when your spot is already clinched, not actively root for you to beat us and keep us out of the playoffs.

So much mental gymnastics about how they are the victims, I’ll never root for LA or SD, genuine apathy towards both whenever they are in the playoffs. Couldn’t care who wins this series, either would probably lose to the wagon disguised as PHI’s offense right now.

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