Alpha Male - INFJ Male

I think it's very attractive that you could reject the societal pressure to conform to those awful online cultures and follow your own path, instead.

I have often thought that it must be so hard to be a male INFJ in our society, you must face so many obstacles and double standards that would be endlessly frustrating and emotionally taxing.

Given, growing up and experiencing adolescence would be really awful, but once school is over and you are finally released into the wild, I think INFJ men probably have the highest potential for emotional insight and intuition which could make them so much more successful as both lovers and partners for the rest of their lives. Maybe I'm bias here, but that kind of understanding is exactly what every woman is really searching for, you have a great gift!

Think about it, the way INFJ men experience emotion is so wonderfully unique... That innate Fe ability to actually look outside of themselves, to go beyond selfish whims or desires - INFJ men have access to both sides of the self, strong logical reasoning AND emotional intelligence. Being able to provide that kind of complexity and engagement with your partner is something most other males simply could not offer.

You really have a leg up on the competition, if you ask me, and your future partners are lucky ladies, indeed. I hope you can stay true to yourself, until some smart gal finally snatches you up and keeps you all to herself. xD

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