Do you stay friends with your exes?

Been through several breakups and though some were initiated by me the most recent one was not. We were together for a while, broke up, then tried again years later. Now? Broken up and he chose to have zero contact with me whatsoever. Although I would've loved to stay friends as he was very dear to me and I still loved him at the time, I find it easier now months after being apart. It feels like I can start to put my life back together piece by piece, as during the relationship I was too dependent on him and I was so unproductive I was questioning the point of my every day life. Now at least I have more time to focus on myself and fix my own issues, which has been helpful with my overall mental health. I say just follow your gut, but be aware that you are your own person and you have to take care of yourself too. As long as you're content with staying friends, then it's alright. Just because you're exes doesn't mean you can't stay as friends. Go with the flow of things.

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