I hate it here honestly

Maybe a reframing will be helpful. Some people do not have an original thought in their brain. Literally, they don't. This is not their fault, nor something bad that needs to be fixed.

Howeve, the issue is that they cannot speak unless spoken to. And you are doing the speaking.

Part of the job of advocate is dealing with the hecklers, while also taking pride in the fact that your original thought brought out a reaction in them might help you understand your role as a creator.

Every derivative of thought can come back at you when you post to many people. You cannot control the variables.

Use the anonymity to get stronger about stating unpopular opinions. There are very few of us out there so we see things so differently. Start collecting data.

If you can view the automatic feedback as a way of taking the temperature of how things are in the world rather than as something directed "at" you, then you can take a step back and see the real purpose of the words. And then maybe your real purpose.

Best of luck.

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