This alphabet book for my kid

Sadly that is not the case. The quoted reviewer also left this review for the book “Celebrating Lent”.

“Sadly, Rev. Winkler's books are not very orthodox, and it's too bad that they are included with the amazing books by Father Lovasik.

The most obvious problem with this book and others by Rev. Winkler is the image of the crucifix. The nails are shown to be in Jesus' wrists instead of His hands, and the left foot is shown to be placed over the right, instead of right over left. It's little details like these that help sneak in other errors. A truly orthodox, doctrinally-sound book would never depict the nails being placed in Jesus' wrists, and there is no good reason to do so here.

Ignoring these kinds of details only breeds complacency, and makes people more likely to ignore bigger details. This book went in the trash.”

You can see people’s review history by selecting their name from the review of the product you’re looking at. It helps with getting context of a reviewer before making your own decision.

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