Am I addicted?

I don't know quite what you're going through, but I've got something similar going on (you know, the excessive, angriness, emptiness, morbid depression). I do smoke to keep myself in a normal mood, generally. I've been diagnosed as various things, including major depressive, bipolar, ADHD, etc. None of the labels have stuck, but the problems have.

I never want to be that guy, because I fucking hate therapists and I think they're generally wrong on, well, almost everything, including accurate diagnosis - but you might just want to see a therapist once to get an idea of what you might be going through right now outside of the weed usage. I don't even suggest buying into any of their schtick, just go, see what they have to say as far as what they think might be going on.

To clarify, I still smoke pretty much all-day, everyday. That's the way it's been since I was fourteen. I'm introverted, I'm weird as hell, and people constantly think that about me - but I'm starting to accept that, and I think that's what becoming "normal" really is. Again, I don't know your situation, and I glanced at your post history and saw that you're INTP (me too! hey! lmao), but it seems like you're just young and it's just frustration building up, and trust me - I totally fucking get that.

Just think about checking out a few therapists, see what's up, and going from there. In all likelihood, you're just going through growing pains. Probably significant ones, I don't know. But it's your choice to whether or not you're going to continue to smoke, and IMO, you should make a fully-informed decision. If you really do have something that's contributing to this feeling that's more in the area of chemistry, then you might want to stop smoking.

I really hope this helped, good luck.

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