I am an engineer and subcontractor for the largest telecommunications companies in the world, i.e., Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and several others. I am here to talk about the lesser-known companies that innovate and produce the technology for these companies.

Basically, unless you live in Seattle, Portland, New York, Houston, ie: large cities.
With a 5G phone you're better off just on WiFi. Because the cellular signal will drop dead at basically the same range, and then you're right back to 4G wavelengths.

Remember this when your phone manufacturers are charging $3250 for a new iPhone, and they claim it's because "well the cost of the 5G infrastructure is just so expensive".

Better of putting time and effort into finding more efficient ways of compressing the data that is coming/going to and from the phone itself, rather than just carelessly increasing the data that we suck and pointing at the means of obtaining it as the weakest link that has to be upgraded. IMO.

Just another gimmick to sell you a new phone at a higher price, and make you have to upgrade because well, "we're shutting down 3G & 4G". Is what they'll eventually do.

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