I am studying to become a Catholic Priest. Ask me almost anything!

Alright, so this is a bit of loaded and very personal question, but it's something that really makes me upset when people talk about the idea of the Abrahamic god. If he is loving and all powerful, why have I had to deal with severe depression and anxiety issues for years? Why do I constantly feel suicidal? Why am I transgender; couldn't god have just put me in a cis girl's body and them everybody would be happier? Why did god allow me to be molested at a young age? Why isn't god letting my medications for depression and anxiety work? Why did god let one of my best friends kill herself? Why did god let me alone without any friends for years and years? Why did god allow me to be severely bullied in elementary and middle school? On a larger, less personal scale, why does god allow children to starve? Why does he continue to let others kill each other and torture each other? As for the concept of free will, is god all knowing? If he is, then how can we have free will if he knows what we will do? If he doesn't know, is he really all powerful?

tl;dr for that question: why does god continue to let my life and the lives of countless others be awful if he loves all of us?

Next question: I noticed that you said earlier that you consider yourself a political moderate. How do you reconcile your political views with the teachings of Jesus? I feel like based on everything Jesus supposedly did and said, every Christian should be a socialist if they are truly following Jesus.

aaaaaaand yet another question (sorry!)

Why is it that the Catholic Church condemns homosexuality but doesn't condemn eating shellfish or wearing clothes made of two different fabrics when the passage used to justify anti-gay beliefs is in the same passage, and even the same paragraph as the parts about the fabrics and shellfish?

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