America is broken

Mongolia, one of the countries that is not affected by urban sprawl, you know why? Low population, in the US, you can go for 100 miles and still see a road, but in Mongolia, no road at all or infrastructure, you will never find it like this in well developed first world countries. I'mma just nope right over to my country cabin and hope I die before this becomes most of the world. Urban sprawl will completely take over nature. But 67% of Japan is covered by forests. In the US, the percentage is at 34%, so one could argue that cities don't destroy nature but are saving nature. But Japan is a series of islands which were all originally heavily forested. The United States is part of a continent. Some areas of the US were heavily forested before civilization; others were not forested at all. I am just glad not many people want to live in complete wilderness, The more people live in cities, the less of the world this has to happen to, Imagine if everyone in that image wanted a country cabin. There'd be no nature left. Tourists will bring more urban sprawl.

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