Try going one minute and fourteen seconds without blinking.

I’m all for conspiracies but the type of thinking in your comment, I just hate to see it and I see too much of it lately.

The conspiracy within the conspiracy. Some examples off the top of my head…

Epstein is alive. The real conspiracy is that he was killed to shut him up. The new conspiracy is that he’s alive because he’s a mossad agent or some shit and…they faked his death for no real reason. Because if he was an agent, that means they were in control, which would mean they could get him off/drop charges/literally any number of easier things than faking his death.

Donald trump is a deep state asset. This is another that would just be insanely fucking complicated and expensive just because some people can’t accept or won’t believe that Trump actually wasn’t part of ‘the plan’. No, it must be that he was deliberately acting with all the shit he said and did, and so was literally every major news publication and media outlet, they were all, tens of thousands of them, following some bizarre script because….reasons….like why even bother? It would be so insanely complicated for that to be true. It’s much more likely everything happened, you know, as we witnessed it. Not some elaborate years long dog and pony show for absolutely no goddamn reason.

And this Joe Biden shit. His skin is loose so it’s a mask, his earlobes are different so he’s a clone, his eyes are different not because of different lighting or age but because of clones and cgi. He didn’t blink not because that’s something people with Alzheimer’s do, but because it’s a deepfake. Why the fuck haven’t they used a deepfake this whole time, one that can speak in complete sentences.

Imagine you’re one of the top people in an organization that runs everything (“they”).

You go to your team of people who do cgi and deepfakes. “Hey yeah so we are gonna rig the election against trump and install Biden. We need a cgi Biden. No don’t make him like he was with Obama, where you could understand him. We’re giving him Alzheimer’s so he fucks up almost every sentence, doesn’t know where he is, forgets to say things, doesn’t know who’s hand to shake, make sure his skin and earlobes and eyes look all fucked up. Really age him. Make him seem like he’s a hundred fucking years old. Like a great great grandfather. Yeah just totally incontinent. What’s that? Well yeah we want power and control. You’re asking why wouldn’t we just use a copy of bidens likeness from 2014 or whatever, because using this Biden makes our country appear weak to be run by someone so incompetent? Hey listen buster I make the decisions here. I said make him have fucking Alzheimer’s.”

Like what the fuck do you actually think is going on? Because either Joe Biden in real life never got Alzheimer’s, therefore there would be zero need to make a deepfake of him. You would just install Joe Biden into power. Or he got really old and got Alzheimer’s, and you wouldn’t need to deepfake him…….he would just have Alzheimer’s.

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