When it comes to X flares and CMEs, how much longer are we going to be lucky?


If there is a gravitational force from celestial bodies, then I’d guess when planets are at a position where only the earth is lined up with a sun spot ready to produce a CME. We always hear that we barely missed one. It’s almost as if something holds them until they pass earth. So maybe if we look at an orrery model and find which time frame, bodies such as Jupiter are not lined up with earth. Could work out to be around the pinnacle of the solar cycle before it starts to cool off before Jupiter earth and others mine back up to flip sun’s field and trigger the next cycle. Every 11.07 years the sun’s mag field flips. That’s solar minimum. Then I guess 5.53 years after that would be halfway back to the next minimum, where planets align and flip the field again. So is the sun most active at 5.53 years or half back to being cooled down? Not sure what would make this cycle more deadly than previous ones, unless it has something to do with greater cycles such as 12,000 yr.

Do we just have more electronics now and that’s why the sun is becoming “more of a problem? “


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