Collapse of Global Financial System, Ben Fulford

Humans are not evolved to behave in the way you described.

We are highly evolved territorial primates. There will always be a hiararchy during our lifetime, and many lifetimes after we're gone.

The Marxist Utopia never matertialises in the way it's meant to, due to our evolutionary instincts. Capitalism is the closest fit to human behaviour/psychology... capitalism is full of corrupt humans, but Marxism spreads misery enormously more.

Since instead of having multiple socioeconomic classes, and a chance to improve your life through capitalism, by climing the ladder... Marxism inevitably leads to a powerful elite, a well looked after oppressive military, a small percentage of regime supporters, and the overwhelming majority of everyone else suffering badly under them, far more than they ever suffered under capitalism, when the money becomes progressively worthless through enormous inflation.

Todays ideologically subverted left think they will be the ones in power. They will not. The elites they think they're rebelling against are orchastrating all of this division in the West to consolidate more power for themselves. I'm neither Left nor Right by the way, more of an observer... I think both sides are being played.

After the so called revolution, they'll look after the military to keep the elites in power and oppulence, whilst almost everyone else suffers until eventually their lives are so intolerable that they overthrow the Elites to implement capitalism again.

This is why countries like North Korea brutally oppress their people, it's why they rule by fear and look after the military that are closest geographically to the regime, some of the miltiary suffer, but usually they're the physically farthest away from the regime. Venezuela is a more recent example.

What you described will never happen, no matter how much you want it to. If I thought humans were capable of what you described, I would want it to.

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