Reddit seems to be pushing an agenda, lol, I could not believe this, apparently it is open knowledge that being healthy is dangerous

That bot has to be some sort of stupid joke or something. At least I'm sure most people think it's ridiculous. I just checked its profile, and it's going around telling people not to use the word "size" too. In posts that have nothing to do with even people at all, like people talking about stocks and shit.

But also, just because someone made a bot about it, doesn't mean it's "Reddit" saying or enforcing these things. I don't think it's an official Reddit bot, just something some fragile dumbass took it upon themselves to make. Though I could be wrong. Really, a bot like that should get reported and banned, though. It's so ridiculous, trying to outright police people's language. And it's not going to win anybody to their side or way of thinking. Quite the opposite.

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