I'm gonna go out on a limb here and recommend you do not protest the arrest of Donald Trump.

Has nothing to do with Q, as I agree it is a psyop.

You need to clearly understand a few things, the most important being the CIA.

They have the newest technology, every connection needed, and an unlimited war chest of our tax dollars.

JFK realized over 50 years ago how out of hand it was, wanted to do something, and he was killed for it.

If you were a congressman who had decided to try and clean it up, you would want to test the waters for support first, right?

Who do you trust well enough during that foundational period?

You can’t.

You don’t know who is working for them or who is blackmailed.

And at the same time, they can know everything about you and your contacts in five minutes.

They can bankrupt you, smear you, kill you, and you wouldn’t see it coming.

How do you fight something that is anonymous, has every tool necessary, and can know everything about you?

You don’t.

You don’t play along and you make them overextend themselves to the point that it’s obvious to everyone what is happening. That’s it.

They have goals to achieve that none of us want. If you don’t entertain the agenda, they’re left to the cringing task of forcing it upon the majority.

But to drive the point further, we already lost a battle of non-compliance in the past couple of years.

This battle didn’t involve training, traveling to a foreign country, brandishing a weapon, or risking our lives; all we had to do was not wear a mask.

And, the majority couldn’t do that. All it would’ve taken was a few weeks of the majority saying fuck off and going about their daily lives.

The majority failed at doing nothing.

With that in mind, take your ideas of mobilizing, pack them into a zigzag, and light the match, because it’s pure fucking fantasy now.

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