Americans of reddit how do you feel about mass shootings or is it just another Tuesday to you at this point?

So let's just do nothing as far as limitations on guns? I disagree.

The limitations I expressed in the other comments would allow the government to REMOVE certain guns from circulation. Which does make it more difficult to obtain one illegally.

The downside to the laws that I list is that it creates a black market for government banned weapons. We'd have to see if that's worse than the ban itself.

Although, obtaining one of these government banned guns from the black market would be taxing and not only that, expensive. Gun manufactures wouldn't be producing them anymore for the public.

It's all about putting roadblocks in place to prevent gun violence.

Man you're argument is really solid. Focusing our efforts on the illegal gun market instead of the legal gun market. It's got me rethinking the limitations on magazines/bullets.

The part I will disagree on is it being okay to have 100s of millions of guns (legal or not) in circulation in America. A lot of these illegal guns were once legal, stolen or sold from people who obtained their guns legally. Bobby doesn't need 50 guns in his house unless theirs like 15 people living there

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