Among WRs in the 2017 season, Brandin Cooks ranked 10th in yards, 14th in TDs, 7th in yards per reception, 8th in yards per target... and 52nd in catch %.

Think the trade definitely makes sense, especially value-wise (+ seems to indicate FO believes Edelman will be fully back and no issues with Gronk), so his value is less on the Pats. And yeah, there were a few times you'd hoped he'd have fought for the ball more.. like Antonio Brown he's got the strength to despite plus size.

But notice he still had top figures for YPT (which takes into account catch %)... among WRs with over 60 receptions Cooks is #4 at 9.5YPT. With only Tyreke Hill, Marvin Jones, Julio Jones above him and Antonio Brown #5. Last Pats #1 WR / over 800yds near him in YPT was Randy Moss in '07... at 9.4YPT, though like Brown/Julio on more receptions. Still, Cooks had few 40+ catches (longest 64yds) to bolster YPT, he was a true consistent deep threat.

Cooks career catch is 65% ... very high, but also 14YPR -- 16.6 on Pats vs 13.5 on Saints at 68%+ where he had more screens and slants / intermediate routes before Michael Thomas. On the Pats 'Dola (71% catch but 7.4 YPT) and RBs mainly took those. Receivers who often go deep it's usually under 60%... Cooks at 57%, Julio Jones 59.5%, Antonio Brown 59%. The only receiver to have a higher YPT and YPR than Cooks is Marvin Jones and he also had 57%.

Again, agree with the trade. But among WRs under 27YRO, he's likely around 5th best long-term prospect in a vacuum counting his consistent production, versatility and durability (no issues). Rams will prolly look to target him more, while on the Pats his fit wasn't as good, though still will be missed even though I think at least Mitchell/Hogan and possibly Dorsett (even Britt if he finds his '15 form) can step up for 80-90% of his overall impact. So better to get a #23 pick / ~#28 value after 4/6th rd swap than ~#100 comp in 2 seasons since he's very likely not worth ~$15MM w/ large guarantees in the Pats system.

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