An ex-upsc aspirant switching to private sector after failed attempts. Can any one suggest where to start or who will hire me at age of 31?

(using my alt to answer this) Sometimes I don't understand how people who are fed by parents for a decade say that they have family pressure. Not hate to you. But please learn to take the blame. If you were not even able to clear a small chsl exam after studying engg, then it's your fault. Let me tell you what real pressure is, I am just 18, and my parents are on the verge of divorce. My dad has given me clear instructions to clear the next year chsl exam(thankfully I score good in mocks) and join, and then prepare for upsc. Also, my dad isn't financially unstable, infact he has a gov job with 11lpa package. But still I had to join open University so that i can take joining from chsl exam and also get my degree. Also, I have one suggestion for you. you can do BOOTCAMP course from a renowned portal. Companies give great value to people who have done bootcamp. It's hardly 6-12month course. They'll teach you coding in great detail. I have one friend who got a good 25lpa package after doing BCA+bootcamp. If you want I can ask my friend to tell you more about it in detail.

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