Which optional subject for UPSC prelims - Eco or Philosophy? Confused!!

I would also suggest you go through the toppers' answer sheets of these optionals. You'll get an idea on how deep the syllabus runs. When you look at the syllabus, it'll look familiar. But when you see the answer sheets, you'll get an idea on what the optional is actually all about.

Eg : my optional is history. When I 1st read the syllabus, it all looked so easy and doable. But when I looked at the toppers' answer sheets, I understood how different it is from the history that we grew up studying.

This'll just help you get a new perspective so you can make the right decision. Cause choosing an optional is very subjective. Only you can figure out what you're interested in. Give both of these optionals a 2 week reading window + check out the answer sheets. And then see if you can make an informed decision.

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