Another riot. Apparently, 500 members of the smallfolk had decided they were fed up with something. He had heard from some members of the Goldcloaks who’d made it back to the barracks of the watch that 500 peasants had done their best to arm themselves. They had committed murder, and were burning and looting the market district, and rumor had it the rioters were marching to the Ashen Keep.

Thankfully, the city watch had the men to stop them. Most of the watchmen lived in or around the Gold Cloak barracks, and many Goldcloaks had headed to their stronghold when they heard the fighting had broken out. Finding good men wasn’t hard. 600 men had been raised, and were prepared to combat the peasants. The smallfolk might be able to stand on their own against a handful of guardsmen, but against well trained, well armed, well disciplined men, they had no chance at victory.

The men were gathered on the Maw, in 11 lines, each made of 50 men. 50 men were, of course, all that was necessary to fully defend a main road in the city. These men would be headed to two places in the capital, the two main entrances in and out of the market district. The men would travel together up until the entrance to market lane. That was the only street large enough to There, three hundred and fifty men would begin fortifying the main entrance to the market district. The other 200, under the command of Ser Jason Redfort, a fellow Valeman and one of Andros’s lieutenants, would seal off the next largest entrance to the Marketplace, the ruby hill, and if they took the hill, would begin marching on the rioters from behind.

Was the plan perfect? No. But if the crowd wanted to keep it’s strength and it’s unity, they would have to stick together, and if they wanted to reach the Ashen Keep together, they’d have to pass through Market Lane. There, they’d be trapped, and when the remaining 200 men showed up, they’d be the iron between a hammer and an anvil. An old trick, for sure, but Andros was certain it would work. There, Andros would dispel the riot, hopefully peaceably, and arrest whoever started this disaster. If somehow the rioters managed to get past the Watch here, they would be stopped before the keep by Ser Igon Vrvwell of the Kingsguard, along with 50 more Gold Cloaks, and whatever defense the crown could muster. This won’t be too hard, Andros thought, when he gave the command to march.

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