M(19) Need help with sexting, kinda

Hi, so recently i wrote a short story for my s/o that she loved. Its super important that you focus on describing what you wanna do and try to capture how important it is to you that you please her. Now I sorta rushed the ending but hopefully reading it you'll get the idea of what to say to her, let me know if you have any other questions!

It's a rainy summer night when the taxi pulls up to his apartment. She steps out after paying the driver, feeling the light rain on her face feels refreshing in the warm summer night. She walks to the door and rings his apartment, 2C. He buzzes her up, as she's walking to the elevator she takes account of the lobby area. It's sleek, modern, yet it has a very warm feeling. Almost like home, the elevator door dinged open and she steps in, she instantly falls in love with this elevator. The inside of the elevator has windows so that you could see out over the river and the view is spectacular. The elevator rings again and she steps out onto the 2nd floor and makes her way to his room. 2C, she knocks on the door and hears his footsteps approaching. He opens the door and instantly a smile forms on both of their faces, they embrace in the door way. He is overjoyed seeing her, and in doing so he picks her up and brings her inside. Pressing her back against the door closing it, she can feel how hot she's getting down there and it makes her kiss him more passionately. He sets her down and starts to undress her, she looks up and says "here?" He says he wants her so fucking bad right now. They start to rip off each others' clothing, while making their way to the bedroom. At this point he's fully erect and she's dripping wet, they both stumble onto the bed he's on top of her, kissing her. He starts to work his hand down her body, she's so fucking turned on at this point she feels overwhelmed at how quickly it happened. She wants him inside her, he sees the look on her face and moves his cock inside her. He's thinking how fucking tight it is and how wet she is, he starts to fuck her missionary style on the bed. Ramming her against the bed, making her moan louder and louder. She loves how hard he fucks her, she can't believe how quickly he makes her cum. He's going faster now, and because she's so flexible he can get much deeper. He loves how fast he can fuck her, it keeps him throbbing and makes him want to get deeper. He moves his strong hands along her body and grabs her hips harder now, he's been thrusting so hard that he can feel the heat that's being generated from it and he has to pull out. He's out of breath and so is she, she looks at the time. How has it already been 45 minutes since she got outta the cab, that doesn't seem possible. He gets up off the bed and asks if she wants some water, she says sure. He goes off to the kitchen and grabs two large cups, she gets up off the bed and can already feel she's gonna be sore tomorrow. But she makes her way to the kitchen and thanks him for the drink. She sits up on the counter, the cold feels good against her body. He brushes her hair away from her face and kisses her softly on her lips. They both are sipping at their glasses when he suddenly turns to her and asks if she's ready to go again. He can't wait any longer, she nods her head but has a worrying look on her face, they ignore it. He lifts her up and puts her on his throbbing cock, she's still so wet that it just slides right in. He moves her over to the wall and starts thrusting upward again. Her legs are wrapped tightly around him and she's feeling his hot breath on her neck, she turns his head and looks deep into his eyes. She's never seen the fire in his eyes that she sees today, he continues to lift her up and down along his hard, thick, and long cock. She's so close to cumming that she grips tightly to his back, digger her nails deep into him. This makes him go faster and continue to penetrate deep inside her, her legs start shaking, her arms and legs are weak, she's speechless, and she can barely breath right. He lays her down on the couch and cuddles up next to her, the heat between them is volcanic at least. As they lay cuddled up on the couch he picks up the remote and turns on the tv. They both pass out with a light blanket over them, she wakes up to him making some breakfast in the kitchen. She grabs the blanket and covers herself up while making her way to the barstools in the kitchen area, he's making pancakes, with some of the fluffiest eggs she's ever seen. He looks up and says you must be hungry after last night, she says well yeah. He chuckles, she's sitting there all perky like nothing last night even happened. When really she's trying to just cope with large amount of exhaustion that she's under. They have breakfast and talk about what they're gonna do today, he says they should just take a quick shower to clean up. So she goes to the bathroom and turns on the shower, she drops the blanket to the floor and steps in. The hot water feels soothing against her skin, she longs for his touch though. Just as that thought crosses her mind she gets a knock on the door and asks if everything's ok in there. She replies with, "Well it'd be better if you were in here." The door opens and he's already standing in the doorway of the shower naked. She pulls him in, his hands start to move over her body. He grabs the body wash and starts to rub her down, she loves feeling his hands against her body. They were comforting, well trained, and smooth. As the hot water rained down on the both of them they felt closer, like as if they were sharing more than that. They kissed passionately in the shower letting the warm water hit them, he steps out of the shower and grabs his robe for her. She gets out and he wraps it around her, hugging her tightly and giving her a small kiss on the cheek before he puts on his towel. They walk out into the bedroom and start to piece together the outfits they had on before. After getting themselves situated and back on their feet he starts walking with her down to the lobby. They get in the elevator and he can't help to start making out with her, they reach the lobby and start walking towards the main doors. He opens it for her and follows her out, they're standing on the sidewalk. He flags down a cab, they say their good byes, and she steps in.

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