Anonymous tip: Google has at this point identified three possible causes of ArtemR's (and others) Pixel 2 XL lag issues, one of which would require hardware replacements.

The Pixel 2s mostly the XL probably has the highest number of issues in one year compare to any other phones and for the price tag its so stupid. Just because you RMAs your phones 10 times does not justify your " My Pixel 2s is perfect" pointless post, its mostly just for the sake of your fanboyism. Blue shifting screen, Speaker distortions, touch screen not registering, multitouch bug (which affects all other phones) are some of the major ones (some might have been fixed but some are still there). If you live in non Google marketed areas, RMAs are PITA, especially if you're Americans you can't relate. This is why iPhone and Samsung are pretty dominant in consistencies of hardware and even software, and it actually deserves its price tag.

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