Any of you have any UFO/Unexplainable experience that you want to share?

Circa 2003. High School girlfriend and I are laying out on the trampoline at her house pretty far up in the mountains so there was very little light pollution. We used to lay out there and watch the stars and count satellites and point them out to each other. Well a very, very bright "satellite" caught our eye almost at the same time. It was moving at a constant rate but not any faster than I had seen a satellite move before. It was brighter than usual which is why it caught our attention. As we both were watching it the object stopped dead in it's tracks and zipped off in the opposite direction faster than I have ever seen anything move in my life. We both looked at each other, screamed and then ran inside really spooked. I Would have never told anyone this story had I not had a witness with me at the time because it sounds insane.

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