Any idea what these Folio Society Books are worth?

Like most books, title/author are going to be the primary driver for price.

Although some people collect Folio Society, and their books can command a premium, if the title is relatively meh, not particularly sought after, the pricing will reflect that.

I don’t see too much here that people are clamoring for.

Good news is you bought them because YOU wanted them, not in the hopes that you were going to get rich quick. So they are worth exactly what you paid for them, in a practical sense.

If a person pays only what they are comfortable paying, they can never really overpay, even if no one else wants them.

Folio makes good stuff better than Easton and Franklin, honestly. Always well-considered, truly custom (including even commissioned illustrations, etc), and no faux “fine binding” pretension. Just a good solid book in archival (or at least acid-free) materials.

Not a bad haul

The other “italian” set actually does not look too old, from what I could see. Appears to be early/mid 20thC cloth.

But it’s absolutely impossible to assess them without pics.

Like asking to appraise an antique car from a photo of the garage door it’s behind.

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