Anyone else feel like certain cities or places feel bad and have a lot of negative energy?

I’ve lived in LA for maybe the less part of 10 months. Not a long time by any means but enough time to really see behind the curtains. 8 of those months I was in filmmaking, near the end I nearly made it big and my fate would have been completely different by how I answered a question. I mean like I would even be righting this and chances are I would be hard at working in what would seem to be a promising career. All because of how I answered a question.

What I’m hinting at is that my path saw me in some of highly influential circles. I saw first hand in a variety of different capacities how things work and what is keeping the “illusion” running and it’s horrifying. There is beyond any measure of doubt a demonic influence within it all and it’s power and reach is more vast and complex than even the most big budgeted and consumed horror picture. The real reality of what is happening is nauseating if you can see it, and there is such a powerful effort at play to ensure that you and I don’t ever see it. Not even so much as notice it, look here! See this? What’s that? Our vision is largely directed and guided by forces beyond our perception. And LA is one of the centers of all of it. That is just a minor appendage for something so dark and evil I don’t even think we have the language to properly address or acknowledge it with. But it’s real and LA is probably the most important place on the planet to make sure people never become aware of its true form and shape.

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