Are there people that have tested the endgame and answer questions?

  1. Energize is a passive that has a chance to proc on a lucky hit. If a skill used has a lucky hit % chance associated with it(eg wolf- 50% lhc), and lands a lucky hit, that lucky hit then has a 15% chance to restore spirit. Passive skill damage does not have a LHC unless otherwise stated.

  2. The “Storms Companion” legendary aspect seem to imply that wolfs are granted the [Storm] skill tag- but this may not be the case as unlike most descriptions it does not state it- however, they will as it states deal lightning damage, and there is a good chance that “Stormhowl” will itself be a [Storm] skill, if not also and or [Werewolf] or [Companion] - there are database websites that show data mined information- perhaps you can scout them for info on “Stormhowl”

  3. as it does not state otherwise, I believe there is still a 20% chance for an ultimate to cast a skill of the other element when you have selected the “Natures Fury” keystone. Unless changed via aspect, the available ultimates would be “Cataclysm” casting “Petrify” and VV.

  4. To my understanding the Natures savagery seems to imply that Werewolf and Bear skills function in addition to the original design of storm and earth skills, from what I gather I believe this means Werewolf skills will act as storm skills when cast- and have a 20% chance to auto cast an earth skill, where as Bear skills will act as earth skills and have a chance to auto cast a storm skill. I could be mistaken but I believe as it says they “function” as in addition to the earth and storm skills already. That being said it MAY also allow for Earth or Bear skills to additionally cast a werewolf skill and or WW/Storm to cast earth or bear since they now “function as such”

  5. This seems to be unknown and will need to be tested by using the aspect or asking someone who has (beta), i assume rabies must already be applied to be spread- but the wording makes it difficult to know if it causes the werewolf companions to apply and spread or only spread pre-applied. Let’s hope the first.

  6. Shadow skeletal mages. This seems to be the only current way- Shadow damage seems to mostly come from Necromancer skills or aspects. The “doombringer” unique MAY count as shadow damage caused by minions if it is the minion who scores a lucky hit- but this would need to be tested. Likewise, “Aspect of ultimate shadow” may cause the Golems Shadow Bone Storm ultimate to count as minion shadow damage as well, but that will need to be tested as it is not the minion who casts the skill, but you.

  7. “Earthstrikers aspect” with weapon swap skills. Increased attack speed.- more attacks =more chance to overpower.

  8. It is only confirmed that skill “visual” intensity changes with skill level- along with the stats that normally change with the skill level increases. I do not believe radius or extra targets will change unless those are already scaling with the level of the skill.

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