Anyone Purchase from All American Coach?

Hey! Thanks for responding, sorry for the slow response, and don't worry about getting back to me too quickly. I'm going to ask a handful of questions, feel free to skip any if you don't want to answer, but I'd appreciate if you could answer them all!

Just so you know the purpose of this: I'm writing a blog on RV purchasing and wanted some opinions from people who have done it.

  1. Was your purchase from AAC your first purchase? 1b. If yes, did they do a good job of listening to what you were looking for in a camper, and explaining to you information about various campers?

  2. How much research did you do before you made your purchases? Where did you research?

  3. Were you looking for a particular style, brand, or size, etc, particularly with your first purchase?

  4. Is there anything you wish you knew before you made your purchase?

  5. Any tips for people who don't own RVs that are on the fence about purchasing one?

  6. Would you recommend AAC for buying campers? If yes, why?

Like I said, I'd love thorough answers but feel free to put in as much time responding as you feel like. You were the only person to respond to the post, so I'll probably have to find another avenue to get more responses anyway!

Thank you so much your time!

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