Why are you against the battle pass?

Here's my issue with Battle Passes, it removes the organic playstyle and replaces it with a linear grind for the same content you could have gotten in literally any other way.

So for an Execution for my favorite hero, I'd just do orders and save steel and unlock that specific Execution, that's fun, I have a goal and I am working towards that goal. It is my progression and my choice in where to invest my time and points/currency.

Battle Passes removes that entirely. Now me, and literally everyone else, is grinding the same linear path unlocking the same content in a bland fashion.

That Execution or cosmetic I want? Well that's now at the end of a long ass line of Battle Pass rewards. So now I have to slog through a bunch of BS I don't even want, potentially 10 or more rewards for the literal one thing I wanted.

That's not organic, that's not personable, that's just an arbitrary grind that has no meaning or connection to me. It just feels like a forced wall that I have to slowly chip away at that doesn't feel like a reward.

It's more of a, "Congratulations! You've played *this much* here's your thing." rather than, "Finally! I saved up and now I can get the specific thing I have been wanting for so long! Now I feel like I did something!"

It makes personalizing limited, because now everyone will be unlocking the same cosmetics at a same rate.

People will stop getting the things they like, and just the things they unlock linearly through the Battle Pass. Which leads to bland customization and a lack of personality, which is part of the appeal for many people who play For Honor.

I'm not a fan at all.

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